How do I receive my Tickets?

  1. When you complete your purchase, your tickets will automatically be sent to your email address that you used when you made the purchase. If you were already signed in when making a purchase, then your tickets will be delivered to that email address.

  2. Your tickets are delivered in the form of a “Ticket Wallet.” This Ticket Wallet email contains a unique QR code. This one QR code holds ALL your tickets that you have purchased over time and keeps them in one place. 
    Whenever you make a new purchase, these tickets will be added to this QR code and you will receive an updated Ticket Wallet email to confirm this too.

  3. The Ticket Wallet looks like this:

  1. Please note that the email will list all the various tickets you have purchased but if there are a lot, the email will be cut off at the bottom. Not to worry, you can click on the blue button “View Ticket options”:

  1. You will be asked to sign into your account on the next page: 

  2. Once you are signed in you will see your full Citizen Ticket account with all of the tickets you have purchased.

  3. When you arrive for your event, you only need the email titled “Your Ticket Wallet”. Staff will ask you to show the QR Code displayed on the email (The black and white dotted square).
    Please note you do not need to scan anything, the QR Code is only for Event staff 

Please also note that your QR code is specific to your account. You will only need the one QR code to be checked into any event you attend.