How do I use my Pass?

A “ pass” allows you to purchase a membership, festival pass, season pass or a pass that allows you to pick which matches or events you want to attend. It’s a one off purchase.


Using your Pass


  1. To use your Pass or Festival pass, login to your Citizen Ticket account using your email address and password. This needs to be the account that you used to buy your season pass.

  2. Login here: Sign In

  3. In your Citizen Ticket wallet, you will see your pre-purchased Pass:

  • The Green circle will change colour as your pass is being used to purchase tickets.

  • The Pass will display how many uses are remaining.

  • By Clicking View Uses, you can see when you last used the Pass to purchase tickets.


  1. You can also see your Pass(es) on Mobile View


  1. At the top of your wallet, click Search to find your event:


  1. Your event will appear like this. It is unlocked and in green because your account has an active Pass.

  2. Select how many tickets you require and click Buy Tickets

  1. At the Review & Checkout page, click Reserve Tickets:


  1. On the next page, click Claim Free Tickets. The tickets will be sent to your Citizen Ticket wallet and email confirmation sent.


  1. Your Ticket wallet will update with your ticket(s).