How can I make a ticket type Mandatory?

When activated, an organiser can set up a mandatory ticket that must be purchased in order to purchase other tickets. For example, a customer might be required to purchase a car parking ticket before purchasing an Illuminated trail ticket.

  1. Click on the “Events” button on the left-hand panel.

  2. Select the Dashboard of the event you want to edit.

  3. Click “Tickets”.

  4. Click Add Ticket Type.

  5. Name your Mandatory Ticket e.g Car Pass Ticket.

  6. Set the price and quantity available. Please note once these tickets are sold out, no other tickets can be purchased.

  7. Click Advanced Options.

  8. Under the heading “Mandatory for purchase”, click the checkbox:

    1. Require this ticket to be in a customer's basket or account when they are buying any other ticket.

  9. Click Save Ticket at the bottom.

  10. When a customer tries to buy a ticket, they will be required to have the mandatory ticket in their basket first before they can proceed with the rest of the purchase.

  11. Please make sure you also have other tickets available to purchase.