How do I sign in to my account?

To sign in to your account, click “Sign in” at the top right-hand of our homepage.

  1. Click the panel “Yes, Sign in” when you come to this page (or click here).

  1. Enter your email address and password and click “Sign In”. You will be automatically logged into your ticket wallet in  “My tickets”.

  1. If you're unsure of your password, you can send a One Time Code to your email inbox by clicking the blue button “Send One Time Code”. The code will be in your email inbox (check spam if you do not receive it). It will be 6 digits (we have blurred ours out for security reasons).

  1. Copy paste the code where it says “Code sent to inbox”. The code is valid for 15 minutes.

  2. Click Verify and you will be signed into your account.

Top Tips

If you have already purchased a ticket to an event, an account is automatically created under the email address your ticket wallet was delivered to. 

If you have... 

  • not set a password - enter your email address and click “Smart Access” which sends an email to your inbox for access to your Citizen Ticket account.  

  • have forgotten your password - click “Forgotten password?” or enter your email address and click “Smart Access”