Box Office - How do I issue complimentary tickets?

  1. In the side menu click "Box office".

  2. Click "Select Ticket" next to the event you want to issue a complimentary ticket for.

  3. If your event has multiple dates, select the date in the calendar.

  4. If the customer already has a Citizen Ticket account, click "Yes" and search for their full name or email address and select them from the list.

  5. If the customer doesn't have an account, enter their name and email address (optional).

  6. Add the ticket type(s) and the quantity you wish to issue to the customers basket.

  7. Under payment methods click "Complimentary" then "Issue tickets.

  8. The customer will receive the ticket via an email from Citizen Ticket.

Top tip: to view your what tickets are complimentary, go to Income & Sales > Sale & Revenue within your event. The present symbol “” under the comp column shows a ticket has been issued as complimentary.