How do I exchange a customer’s tickets to a different time slot?

To exchange a customer’s tickets to a different time slot, firstly make sure your event has the “Timeslots exchangeable” checkbox selected in “Timeslots” (click the guide - Dates - How do I use the “Time slots” power settings? on how to action this). 

  1. Click on "Customers" in the left menu.

  2. Search the full name or email address of the customer and click the blue “Search” button. 

  3. The customer with that name will appear in the list

  4. Click the blue “View” button

  5. Note: The last customers checked will appear in the list

  6. The next screen will present you with two tabs on the left hand side of the screen:

    1. Overview

    2. Purchases

      1. Under this tab, you will see an up to date list of your customers purchase history for your events.

      2. You can see the following details here:

        1. Event: The event name

        2. Ticket Type: Which Ticket type they bought e.g Child / Adult

        3. Sale / Date / Time: Sales Reference - This is the specific Order ID and is very useful for Citizen Ticket Staff

          1. By Clicking on the blue Sales Reference, the order purchase will open up more information such as:

            1. Purchase: e.g Website Purchase or Box office 

              1. You can see your earnings for this purchase here

            2. Customer Info

            3. Tickets: Return & Refund

              1. The tab you will be redirected to for refunding or returning a ticket(s)

            4. Tickets: Exchange: 

              1. The tab you will be redirected to to exchange dates / time slots for your customer

        4. Price: Price paid by the customer

        5. Status:

          1. Active: Ticket currently active in customers wallet

          2. Refunded: Ticket has been refunded 

          3. Returned: Ticket has been returned to allocation only

          4. Transferred: Customer has transferred the ticket to someone else

        6. Actions Button

          1. You can use this button to show a drop down:

            1. Refund: Will redirect you to the refund tab

            2. Exchange: Will redirect you to the Exchanges tab

  7. Exchanges

    1. If your event has other dates / time slots you can exchange the ticket for your customer via this tab.

    2. On the Action button, select Exchanges in the dropdown.

    3. The Tickets: Exchange Tab will appear next with a list of “Exchangeable tickets” in the sale.

    4. Click the blue button “Find Eligible Dates”

    5. Click the preferred date you want to exchange the ticket into

    6. Use the numbers arrow to select how many tickets you want to exchange

    7. If there are not enough tickets in the sale, you will see:

      1. You don't have enough exchangeable tickets for the selection made

    8. Click Exchange Tickets - the next page will update and let you know if the tickets have been successfully changed. When exchanged, a new wallet will automatically be sent to the customer.

  8. View Exchanges

    1. This tab allows you to view if a customer has exchanged their ticket from one date to another. 

    2. Here you can view the original date / time they had a ticket for, the date and time that they changed the ticket and also the new date / time that the customer has chosen.

Important Note: When a Sales Reference has x 2 or more tickets on it and you carry out an action on one ticket, the Sales Reference will split out into two or more lines on the Purchases List so that the status per ticket is clear.