Your tickets might be exchangeable to another date or timeslot (depending on the event organisers T&Cs).

  • Click the blue "Exchange” button and you will be re-directed to the “Ticket Exchange” tool (alternatively, you can click on "click here to exchange your tickets for a different date/time” under your order in the “Receipts” tab).

  • Select the box of the tickets you would like to exchange and click the blue "Find eligible dates" button.

  • Choose your new date and timeslot on the calendar widget and add/type the correct amount of tickets in the box you have, to match the amount exchangeable. 

  • Confirm your booking by clicking the blue "Exchange tickets" button and your ticket wallet will update with the new date/timeslot (your updated ticket wallet will be sent to your email). 

  • Note If you wish to exchange your ticket to a different event (under the same organiser) or ticket type for the same event, please contact the event organisers directly. Click here: How do I find the contact details of an organiser?
  • Note - If you exchange your timeslot / date and you have already answered custom questions set by the organiser, you will be prompted to answer the questions again.