How do I exchange my tickets for a tentative booking?

Your tickets might be exchangeable for another date or time slot (depending on the event organisers’ T&Cs). In some cases, you can exchange your ticket for a tentative booking if you are unsure of a new date / time that you will attend. 
If your tickets are eligible for exchange, you will see a blue “Exchange” button in your Ticket Wallet. Please note, exchange deadlines may apply for specific events, or tickets. 


  • Tickets can only be exchanged by the original purchaser.

  1. To exchange your ticket, please sign in to your Citizen Ticket account and go to "Purchases" > "Ticket Wallet".  

  1. Click the blue "Exchange” button and you will be redirected to the “Ticket Exchange” tool.

  1. Alternatively, on the “Receipts” tab, you can pick your relevant receipt ID, then on the right hand side, click on "Exchange dates” from the “Options” dropdown menu.

  1. Select the box of the tickets you would like to exchange and click the blue "Find eligible dates" button.

  1. On the second box down you will see “Tentative rebooking”. Select the checkbox and then click the blue button: “Exchange to tentative booking”.

  1. Your ticket will now change to a tentative booking and your ticket wallet will be updated. Your updated ticket wallet will be sent to your email.

  1. When you know the new date/time that you would like to exchange your tickets to, please log in again and proceed with the same steps 1 - 4. 

  1. Pick the new date / time and change the arrows to the amount of exchangeable tickets you have, i.e 1

  2. Click Exchange Tickets and your new updated ticket wallet will be sent to your email.

  • Note - If you exchange your timeslot / date and you have already answered custom questions set by the organiser, you will be prompted to answer the questions again.