On Hotmail and Outlook (& other older email domains) check 'Other' for an email with the subject line 'Ticket Wallet'. Occasionally emails can go there. Please check your spam or "junk" folder on your email.

  • Please ensure you have given us the correct email address by logging into your account on the platform and that you have verified this email address.


  • Finally, login your account, click the “My tickets” section. Here you can click 'Send to Email' to send another copy of your Ticket Wallet. 

    Request Ticket Wallet via website

  • Navigate to our website here: Citizen Ticket and scroll to the bottom where you will see "Request Ticket Wallet".

  • Fill in your name and email address then click the blue button "Request Ticket Wallet".

  • Once requested, you will receive an notification to let you know that the ticket has