Organiser App - How to use the Box Office 

  1. Select the event you wish to sell a ticket for.

  2. Click "Box Office".

  3. Select the tickets the customer needs.

  4. Click "Add to Basket", then click either "Add More Tickets" or "Go to Basket".

  5. Click "Process to Payment".

  6. Insert customer details. Please note that if you choose "Anonymous", they will not receive a receipt and their data will not be captured.

  7. Click "Process to Payment" again, then select one of the following payment methods:

    1. "Card Terminal": This will send the amount directly to your SumUp terminal.

    2. "QR Code": This will make a QR code for the customer to scan and complete the payment with.

    3. "Magic Checkout": This will either email or text the customer with a prefilled basket.

    4. "Complimentary": This will give them the ticket free of charge.

    5. "Cash": This will also give you a cash calculator to use to ensure you give the correct change.

  8. After selecting a payment method, press "Issue Ticket".