Event Admins - How do I grant another person access to edit my event?

  1. Click on the “Multi Event Tools” button on the left-hand panel.

  2. Click “Event Admins”.

  3. To grant access to your event team,  please ask them to create a Citizen Ticket account. 

  4. Then navigate from your event dashboard to Admin > Event Admins.

  5. Add the full name and email address of the event admin to the relevant fields and select from the following checkboxes what access you wish to grant them;

    1. Grant access to the Event Dashboard for this event.

    2. Grant access to App / Scan Tickets during the event.

    3. Grant access to Box Office (sell and issue tickets) for this event.

    4. Grant access to Email Centre (send emails) for this event.

  6. Then click “Save” and an email will be sent to the added event admin.

  7. Repeat if you require more than one event admin. If you need to remove their access click “Revoke”.

Tip: If you need an event team member to have full access click “Multi-event admins” or give them full access by clicking “Profile owners” under your organiser profile > Edit Profile > Profile owners.