Exchange Timeslot to a Tentative Booking

  1. Click on the event you want to activate exchanges on.

  2. Click “Setup”. 

  3. Click “Dates”.

  4. Click on the “clock” icon called Timeslots (top right). You can also find Timeslots by clicking "Setup" > "Calendar" and clicking on the "clock" icon called timeslots.

  5. “Timeslots exchangeable” EXCHANGE - allow your customer to exchange their tickets for equivalent tickets on another available date / time slot. When you click this option, you will be presented with another option:

    1. “Timeslots exchangeable” TENTATIVE - Allow your customers to exchange their tickets for a tentative booking. Not recommended for single season events. Select this option to allow customers to change their booking from a specified time / date to a tentative time / date (unspecified date / time allowing them to retain the tickets to be exchanged once more at a future date). NB In order to avail of this option you must also select the first option.

    2. Cut-off point for customer exchange - How many hours / days / mins before their time slot should the customer no longer be able to exchange their tickets. Select the hours / days / minutes using the arrows.

  6. Click Save.