Livestream Studio - How do I customise my event’s live stream page?

Note - This is an early-beta feature, we appreciate your feedback.

  1. Select the Dashboard of the livestream event.

  2. Click “Setup”.

  3. Click “Livestream Studio”.

  4. Click the “CSS” tab.

  5. Choose your Base theme from the dropdown menu - either “Light” or “Dark”.

  6. Then add your own custom CSS code to the text box and click "Save".

Top Tip - You can try the suggestions we have given on the right-hand side to help you start customising your live stream page. 

You can click "Preview Livestream Page" to see how your broadcast page looks.

Please see the diagram below to see what each code stands for;

  1. Body 

  2. Livestream Container

  3. Banner

  4. Information Block

  5. Note Box