Livestream Studio - How do I set up my streaming software for my live stream event? 

  1. Download & install your preferred streaming software (or sign-in to your web-based platform online).

  2. Click on the “Events” button on the left hand main panel.

  3. Select the Dashboard of the livestream event you want to set up.

  4. Click “Setup”.

  5. Click “Livestream Studio”.

  6. Click “Generate Stream Key”.

  7. In the streaming software, usually found under Settings > Stream Settings, enter the Stream Server and Stream Key found in the Citizen Ticket Livestream Studio. 

  8. Start Streaming from your streaming software, and check the Citizen Ticket Livestream Studio page. Anything you stream from this point may be seen by your audience, so be prepared.

Note: These are unique for each date you are streaming. In your live stream software, ensure the Service box is set to ‘custom’.