Livestream Studio - Can I add an alternative viewing link to my livestream event?

Yes, you can provide an alternative viewing link to be placed under your stream. 

Note - Links will not be ‘pushed’ to the client and should be set up pre-event.

  1. On your organiser Dashboard, click “Livestream Studio” and click the tab “Alternative Link”.

  2. Add your link’s text in the first text box and your link’s URL in the second text box. 

  3. If you want to password protect your link, please add it into the third text box and click “Save”.

Your alternative viewing link will appear below your stream (see below).

Top Tips:

If you would like to embed your broadcast from an alternative link into our live stream page, please add your embed link to the fourth text box (see below for a preview of embed).

If you have "Watch again" enabled, please repeat the same step for the fifth text box.