N.B: Tickets can only be exchanged by the original purchaser.

  1. To exchange your ticket(s), please sign in to your Citizen Ticket account - https://www.citizenticket.co.uk/signin/ and go to "My Tickets" > "Ticket Wallet". 

  2.  Click the blue "Exchange” button and you will be re-directed to the “Ticket Exchange” tool.

Alternatively, on the “Receipts” tab, you can pick your relevant receipt ID then on the right hand side, click on "Exchange dates” on the “Options” dropdown menu.

  1. Select the checkbox next to the relevant tickets you would like to exchange and click the blue "Find eligible dates" button.

*Please note, if you are not the original purchaser, you will need to transfer the tickets back to the relevant recipient for them to exchange the tickets
**Please also note, your mandatory car pass, or taxi pass option must also be exchanged with your order

  1. Choose a timeslot on the calendar widget and enter/select the correct amount of tickets in the box you have, to match the amount exchangeable. 


7. Confirm your booking by clicking the blue "Exchange tickets" button.
Your ticket wallet will update with the new date / timeslot (your updated ticket wallet will be sent to your email). 

To request a refund, please go to www.citizenticket.co.uk and sign in to your account.

Click Receipts and then on your corresponding Receipt ID, choose Instant Refund on the drop-down menu. 

Please allow 14 working days for your refund to be processed - see example below:

If you require any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact support@citizenticket.co.uk