Where do I put my Discount Code?

  1. To purchase a ticket, click “Search” at the top right-hand corner of our homepage and write the name of your event in the search bar then Click Search (blue button). Otherwise scroll to the event you want to purchase tickets for. Click the event image or on the event name.

  1. Find the event you would like to purchase tickets for and press the blue button - Buy Tickets

  2. Once you have selected all of your tickets and reached the review basket stage, you can put your discount code. Please copy paste the discount code into the box titled “Got a Discount Code?” When you paste it in - Press the blue button “Apply”.

NOTE: If you do not see the “Got a Discount Code?” box, do not worry, you will see a blue line above your Subtotal which says “Edit basket or add a discount code”. When you click there the box for your discount code will appear under "Reserve Basket".

Please note that discount codes cannot be applied retrospectively so please ensure your discount code has been applied before reserving your basket.


  1. Once you have copy pasted your discount code and clicked “Apply”, a green banner will appear saying “Discount code applied!”

If you have any issues with your discount code, please contact support@citizenticket.co.uk and let them know which event you are attending and which discount code you are trying to use.