How do I search for an event?

To search for an event on Citizen Ticket, please click the tab “Search” at the top right-hand side of our homepage.  

  1. Then scroll through the events page by clicking on “Load more” to find the event you want to purchase tickets for.

  1. Hover over the event you wish to purchase tickets from and click the  “Buy tickets” button.

Using the search bar...

  1. If your event is not present on the first page of events, you can search for the event name in the search bar at the top.

  1. If your event still does not appear after typing into the search bar, please click on “Search”.

Using “Locations”...

  1. If you want to find events local to you or in a particular location, select the city/town under “Locations”. 

“Advanced search tool”

  1. Click on the “Advanced Search Tools” to filter your search by the date of the event (by selecting the “Date Range”).

  • Note: Some events are online (hosted on a third-party software/website, i.e. Zoom), live-streamed, or hybrid (at a venue and live-streamed online) events. The blue flag on the event image will indicate what type the event is.