Sales & Revenue - How do I view my ticket sales?

  1. Click on the “Events” button on the left hand panel.

  2. Click on the event you would like to check the ticket sales of.

  3. On the left hand menu, click “Income & Sales”.

  4. Click the "Sales & Revenue" tile.

  5. From here you can view:

    1. The customer’s date/time of purchase

    2. Customer’s Name

    3. No. of Tickets Purchased

    4. Purchase outlet (Website/Comp’d)    

    5. The payment type (Card/Cash)

    6. Payment code    

    7. No.  tickets refunded

    8. Any requests on the purchase (i.e. food options, accessibility assistance).    

    9. No. tickets returned    

    10. Tickets purchased over a particular time period i.e month of January.

  6. The panel underneath the customer purchase information allows you to view the following totals of your event;

    1. Tickets sold

    2. Tickets Comp’d

    3. Tickets Returned

    4. Tickets Total

    5. Income

    6. Refunds

    7. Website Income

    8. Box Office Card Income

Sales & Revenue Export - Filter by Time Period

Ever wanted to see all the new sales for last week over all of your current events, or all the event dates for an event?

  1. Toggle on "Sales & Revenue" export, then select the event(s) you want to know the income for. Select your date range - and the export will show just the sales made during that time period.

  2.  Export multiple, specific time-slots, via the multi-date mode on the calendar.