I am struggling to get my transaction through…

If you are having issues with your transaction using a Credit or Debit Card, please ensure:

  • You have input your billing address correctly

  • Your card details are correct including the card type, expiry and CVC security code (this is the 3 digit code on the back of the card)

There are a few different ways to pay:

  1. At Payment Stage, click to pay with either Instant Bank Transfer (recommended) or Credit or Debit Card.

  2. For Instant Bank Transfer, please select your bank from the boxes shown on the page and you will be redirected to the true layer payment page. If you would like to pay by mobile, scan the QR on the screen or click “Continue on desktop ” and proceed to follow the instructions from your bank to make payment. 

  3. For Debit or Credit Card, new customers will be asked to fill in a home address. Otherwise, the address will be filled in. Please then proceed to fill in your card details for payment, making sure you have entered them correctly. Finalise your payment by clicking the blue “Pay …” button.

  4. If your address was not automatically filled in, please type it manually. Click the blue line “click to type address manually. 

  5. For ”international payments please click the blue line “click to type address manually” and select your country from the dropdown.

Instant Bank Transfer


Credit or Debit Card (SagePay)

Credit or Debit Card (Stripe) - Only some payments will go through this way

Klarna - Buy now pay later

Once the payment has gone through your ticket will be processed, delivered to your Citizen Ticket account with your email (subject “Ticket Wallet”) and checkout completed.

  • Note: If this does not resolve the issue, please try clearing your browser cookies, or open a private browsing window, and try again.

  • If you are still having trouble after taking these steps, please get in touch with us on support@citizenticket.co.uk  and we can investigate further. Please let us know if you are getting any error codes.