How do I set up Gift Vouchers

  1. On your Organiser Dashboard, click “Multi - Event Tools” on the left hand side

  2. On the next tab, click “Gift Vouchers”

  3. Click “Manage Vouchers”

  4. Click “Add a Gift Voucher”

  5. Voucher Name - Add the name of your voucher

  6. Product Code - this code can be a reference number so you can easily identify which event it is related to.

  7. Denominations - Set the price e.g £5.00, £15.00 etc (cannot be less than £5)  and description of the voucher. We recommend including the relevant voucher information in the voucher descriptions so customers know what they are entitled to, e.g:

    1. Price: £5.00 / Description: This Gift Voucher is worth £5

    2. Price: £10.00 / Description: This Gift Voucher is worth £10

  8. Click Save and Activate

Manage Gift Vouchers

Click Edit or click Delete to go back into the Gift Voucher and make the necessary changes.

If you try to delete the gift voucher, you will be asked if you are sure.

Activate Gift Voucher on specific events

Once the voucher has been set up, you can then activate it on specific events.

  1. Go to your Organiser Dashboard

  2. Click your Event Dashboard

  3. Click All

  4. Click Gift Vouchers

  5. Select the Voucher

  6. Select to show the Buy Box on the event page

  7. Save

Redeeming a voucher (customer side)

If a customer has a voucher to redeem, they would simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Event page 

  2. Select their chosen tickets 

  3. Reserve their basket 

  4. Paste their voucher code in the discount/voucher code box

Gift Voucher Terms

Please see the terms below for gift vouchers, as per our organiser contract. 

23. Gift Vouchers

23.1 Gift Vouchers are sold on behalf of the Event Organisers that use the CTL platform and can be redeemed for that Organisers' events only. CTL act as an agent in facilitating the distribution of Event Organisers Gift Vouchers and are not responsible for the specific terms of what respective Gift Vouchers include. Gift Vouchers can be redeemed for eligible tickets on the CTL platform. Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash, resold, or re-gifted to other individuals beyond their originally intended recipients.

23.2 Gift Vouchers are valid for a specific period which will be clearly stated by the organiser of the event. Expired Gift Vouchers are no longer valid for redemption or refund, and any remaining value will be void.

23.3 Gift Vouchers can be purchased from the CTL platform or via the event Organisers channels directly. Once purchased, Gift Vouchers will be delivered via email. CTL are not responsible for any Gift Vouchers that are lost, stolen, or used without your permission.

23.4 Gift Vouchers may have restrictions on the type of tickets or merchandise they can be redeemed for. These restrictions will be clearly stated on the Voucher or its accompanying documentation. 

23.5 Gift Vouchers may not be valid for certain special events, pre-sales, or limited-time offers. Please check the Voucher terms for any such restrictions. 

23.6 Gift Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions, discounts, or offers unless explicitly stated.

23.7 If an event is cancelled or rescheduled, the Purchaser of the Gift Voucher may be entitled to a refund or exchange as per our standard refund policy. To the recipient of Gift Voucher they are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for another Voucher or monetary value. 

23.8 CTL are not responsible for any loss, damage, or unauthorised use of Gift Vouchers after delivery. CTL reserves the right to cancel or invalidate Gift Vouchers if CTL suspect fraudulent activity or violation of these Terms. CTL are not liable for any errors or omissions on the Gift Vouchers, including but not limited to incorrect amounts or expiration dates.