Images & Media Tile - How do I embed a Spotify link?

Do you want to link Spotify profiles to your event listings so your customers can get to know the artist / music a bit better? Look no further! Check out our Add Spotify feature and follow the steps below to get started.

  1. When setting up your event, when you click on the tile “Images and Media” you will see three more tabs:

    1. Main Images.

    2. Gallery Images.

    3. Upload.

  2. Click the tab “Upload”.

  3. The third option is “Add Spotify” - here you can embed a Spotify profile.

  4. How do you find a Spotify Account ID?

    1. Visit your artist page on Spotify.

    2. Click the three dots.

    3. Go to Share and Embed artist.

    4. Click Copy and then paste the code into the box at the bottom

    5. It should look like this:

  1. Click the blue button “Add Spotify”.

  2. When your event has been successfully published, the customer will then see the Spotify profile on the event listing so they can play a song to get to know the artist.