How do I approve or deny refund requests?

  1. Click on the “Refund” button in the left menu. (If you have a request a red bell symbol will appear next to it.) You will also receive an email informing you of any refund requests on your Dashboard. You can click the links on the email to review the refund request. Please note that delayed refunds may affect your final payout.

  2. Pending refunds will be listed on the page. Click "View Case".

  3. When a customer has applied for a refund, you will see their reason under the Message Section.

  4. You will see a message informing you if the request falls within your refund policy or not.

  5. We advise you to use the message to guide you to approve or decline. If you ignore the refund policy that you set, customers can raise a chargeback if you have wrongly declined their refund. Please choose your refund policy carefully as chargebacks will be invoiced to the organiser.

  6. An organiser can reply with a message (important if you are declining the refund).

  7. "Release to Allocation" is automatically selected when you choose “Approve refund”. This button will automatically release the ticket back to the system for someone else to purchase. Please Note: If a customer has transferred a ticket or tickets to another person then applied for a refund, you will see a warning message on the refund application to let you know that the ticket(s) is / are not in the purchaser's account. This means you can refund the ticket but you cannot return it to allocation. The ticket will become invalid and cannot be used.

  8. If you decline the refund, uncheck the box "Return to Allocation" so the ticket stays in the customer's wallet.

  9. Click "Approve" or "Decline" when you have made your decision.

  10. Click "Process".

  11. Approved refunds will be processed promptly and when an organiser searches a customer on "Customer Lookup" it will show if they have returned their tickets for a refund.

  12. If you click Decline, the refund request will become an “Escalation” for Citizen Ticket to review. For this reason, it is important to use the "Message" section to explain your reason in detail. If you over-ride your refund policy e.g declining a request that does fall within your policy, Citizen Ticket will over-ride this decision to protect consumer rights.
    Note: In order to prevent confusion or grey areas about refunds, we advise you to make your refund policy clear in the event information section on our website as well. This is especially important during the Covid Pandemic. Please also note Consumer Law for refunds.