How do I set up a “Send After Sale” email?

After sale emails are sent to the customer when they buy a ticket. You can use this email to provide them with event information and instructions.

  1. Click on the “Email Centre” button on the left hand panel.

  2. Click “ Audiences”.

  3. Click  “Send after sale”.

  4. Follow the guide “Emails & Newsletters (Email Centre) - How do I send my attendees important event information/event marketing newsletters?” to create your email. 

  5. Select the Event that your email is regarding.

  6. Select the Date your email is regarding or “Select All Dates” if you want the email to send to all attendees for all dates.

  7. Create an Email by selecting “Create Email” from the email centre and choose from the following email templates:

  • Basic 

  • Hero 

  • Columns 

  • None

  1. Build your email and click the box “Activate to Send”. Then click Save.

  2. You can click “View” to see the full email that will be sent out.