Tickets - How can automatic quantities handle family tickets?

  1. Click on the “Events” button on the left hand main panel.

  2. Click “Setup”.

  3. Click “Tickets”.

  4. Select ”Add ticket” to create a new ticket type or “Edit” for an existing family (or group) ticket.

  5. Click “Ticket sales count towards capacity”.

  6. Select “Automatically manage quantities based on capacity”.

  7. Click the “ Advanced Options” Arrow and the “Capacity admission multiplier” will appear.

  8. Choose how many tickets this type accounts for (1 Family ticket type = 4 people) and click “Save”.

  9. When this ticket type is purchased you will be able to view the real capacity under the number of tickets sold (has a “*” ).

Note: tickets marked with “†” do not count to the date’s maximum capacity. If you want this ticket type to be included, select the checkbox under “Quantity Available”.