Location - How do I set up an online event?

  1. Go to your event dashboard.

  2. Within the setup steps, click on “Location”.

  3. From the list, select “Online (external link)”.

  4. Fill in the information below:

    1. Type of Online Event.

    2. Town or City (or type “worldwide”).

    3. URL (from Zoom, Google Meet, Skype etc) - this can be added later.   

    4. Extra access instructions - this is optional.

  5. Select the checkbox “Ticket must be purchased to access URL” if you want to keep your virtual event link exclusive to ticket purchasers.

  6. You can also choose when the URL access is opened for attendees from the dropdown box.

  7. Click save.

Once your event has been published, your event page will show the type of online event and location. 

Ticket holders will also be able to click the blue "Access online event " button to access the URL from here.