If your event is operating under government guidelines with Track & Trace (known as “Test & Protect’ in Scotland) regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, you can enable our “Track & Trace” feature to notify attendees and request their contact numbers.

  • To enable this feature navigate to your event dashboard and click “Setup” > “Track & Trace”.

  • Select the checkbox under “Track & Trace” and write your statement regarding your event and the COVID-19 text box under “Covid-19 Statement”. Then click “Save”. 

  • Note - Please make sure you have read and understood the information on this page before you enable this feature.
  • When enabled, a customer will be asked to provide contact numbers for all who are attending their party during checkout (as a required field). 

  • All attendees who have purchased a ticket prior to the “Track & Trace” feature being enabled at your event will be contacted by email to submit their details. 

  • Attendees who have a ticket transferred to them for an event with Track & Trace enabled will also be notified.
  • If a customer still hasn’t submitted their contact details, they will have a chance to when their ticket is scanned on entry and be informed they will be refused entry if they refuse to comply with your events regulations.