How do I make Event Buckets?

  1. Click on the “Multi Events” button on the left hand panel.

  2. Click “Event Buckets”.

  3. Click “Add an Event Bucket”

  4. Give the bucket a name e.g Wellness Events.

  5. Select the events to put in that particular bucket (category).

    1. You can filter your list of events by keywords.

    2. You can select a date range to filter certain events that fall within the range.

  6. Click Save.

  7. To view your Buckets, click on the Events tab on the left hand panel.

  8. On the right hand side, select the drop down menu called “All Buckets”

  9. Select which bucket you want to see.

  10. All of the events in that particular bucket will be visible.

  11. You can also view and edit your buckets by clicking on Multi Event Tools > Event Buckets. 

    1. Use the pencil icon to edit the bucket

    2. Use the bin icon to delete the bucket

    3. Use the copy icon to clone the bucket.