To exchange a customer’s tickets to a different time slot, firstly make sure your event has the “Timeslots exchangeable” checkbox selected in “Timeslots” (click the guide - Dates - How do I use the “Time slots” power settings? on how to action this). 

  • Then navigate to the “Customer lookup” function on your organiser dashboard (or event dashboard) and search the customer’s name/email address. Click the “Lookup” button and then “View” to go to the customer's purchases.

  • Find the correct ticket sale marked with the double arrowed icon you wish to exchange and click the order number link. 

  • Click “Tickets: Exchange” and then select the checkboxes for the tickets you wish to exchange and confirm by clicking “Find eligible dates”. 

Select the relevant date and time slot to swap the tickets to and select the correct amount of tickets that correspond to the ticket type.

  • Confirm the exchange by clicking the “Exchange tickets” button and the system will process the exchange. 

  • Once the exchange is complete, you can view the updated sale by clicking the hyperlink.


  • The ticket holder will be sent the updated ticket wallet automatically to their inbox.