From your event dashboard, navigate to Marketing > Discount codes and “Generate” or create your discount code. 

  • Choose if you want to discount by a percentage (e.g. 15%) or a fixed amount (e.g “£1.50”).


  • Select the checkboxes for the ticket types you want this discount to apply to.

  • If you want an expiration date or limit the usage please choose when and the number of uses. Otherwise, leave these fields blank so the event never expires or has unlimited usage.

  • Once your discount code is saved, you will be able to view the details of the discount code (i.e. price before and after discount, expiry date, times used etc.). You can share the link by clicking “Shareable Link” and copying the URL from your web browser’s address bar. 

  • If you would like to apply discounts to multiple events click “global discounts” in the yellow box or “Discount codes” from the multi-event tool menu on the panel on your main organiser dashboard.